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Hypnosis Occupation Test (HOT)
A Professional Hypnosis Reference Tool for the Beginning Hypnotist, and Professional!

Releasing & Replacing Ineffective Love Relationship Patterns for Better Health (RILP)
A 10-Week Program for use with your clients. For the Hypnosis/NLP Professional.

Losers Begone!
From "Man-Centric" to "Me-Centric"!
Stop Losers "Dead in Their Tracks"!

One of the Most Powerful "Alpha-Inducing" Soundscapes available anywhere!

One of the Most Powerful "Alpha-Inducing" Soundscapes available anywhere!

One of the Most Powerful "Alpha-Inducing" Soundscapes available anywhere!

Second Edition
"Inner Body Makeover!"
You are more than your body!

Second Edition
How To Get Over Divorce!
What every woman should know.

Second Edition
From Fizzle to Sizzle!
You TOO can have a "Sizzling" Love Relationship! (Book - Paperback)

Second Edition Available December, 2013!
Made with Love:
100 Love Recipes!

(Book - Paperback)

Inner Makeover - New for 2012!

Inner Makeover

Note: This is a physical product. Not a digital download!

The ultimate woman’s, confidence and self-esteem, “feel good about yourself”, program!

It greatly disturbs me how we as girls/women are being subjected to the notion that if we are not a perfect "size 4" with large breasts, no hips, and at least 5’8" stature, that we are somehow unlovable. I got the idea for this program from a friend of mine who is "size nothing", constantly exercises and gets plastic surgery like other people take aspirin. She equates getting older and acquiring wrinkles to death, almost.

My friend feels the need to tell me about all the men that hit on her when her husband is not around. She must be the center of male attention in all social settings, or she becomes depressed. I am more compassionate toward my friend than annoyed. She is a wonderful person who is caught up in this false sense of who she is as women based on society's dictates. Her sense of self is completely chained to her outer appearance. And she is not alone in this perception.

"Inner Body Makeover" is geared to help women/girls understand and appreciate that we are so much more than our bodies. Furthermore, I think it is vital to women as a group to place more emphasis on our intellectual, emotional, spiritual contribution than the physical body/presence we show to the world. I have also believe that exercise, eating well and taking care of your health is important to your well-being. The aim being "good health" rather than starving and exercising your way down to size "0" to fit the image of beauty that has been wrongly given to women.

Body Image issues have gotten out of control. Not long ago, I watched a little girl about 10-years old, being interviewed about her anorexia on a television show. An innocent little girl at 10 should be playing with dolls, reading books, dreaming, going swimming and having fun with her friends. Little girls on up to woman are being sold a bill of goods that I believe is so hurtful and destructive. And this standard is much more relaxed for men than women. A poll was taken recently that described how American audiences prefer average (which they define as chunky) not overly handsome leading men in films these days. The women (actresses) however, must be rail thin "beauty queens" under the age of 25. I find this objectionable.

"Inner Body Makeover" was developed to help women of all sizes and dimensions gain more self-acceptance and love for themselves. You are after all, are much more than your body.

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