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Hypnosis Occupation Test (HOT)
A Professional Hypnosis Reference Tool for the Beginning Hypnotist, and Professional!

Releasing & Replacing Ineffective Love Relationship Patterns for Better Health (RILP)
A 10-Week Program for use with your clients. For the Hypnosis/NLP Professional.

Losers Begone!
From "Man-Centric" to "Me-Centric"!
Stop Losers "Dead in Their Tracks"!

One of the Most Powerful "Alpha-Inducing" Soundscapes available anywhere!

One of the Most Powerful "Alpha-Inducing" Soundscapes available anywhere!

One of the Most Powerful "Alpha-Inducing" Soundscapes available anywhere!

Second Edition
"Inner Body Makeover!"
You are more than your body!

Second Edition
How To Get Over Divorce!
What every woman should know.

Second Edition
From Fizzle to Sizzle!
You TOO can have a "Sizzling" Love Relationship! (Book - Paperback)

Second Edition Available December, 2013!
Made with Love:
100 Love Recipes!

(Book - Paperback)

What Every Woman Should Know About How To Get Over Divorce.

Divorce Without Remorse - New for 2012!

Divorce Without Remorse

Note: This is a physical product. Not a digital download!

A “Gold-Mine” of Easy, "Get-Over Divorce" Advice, Crammed into One Product! Overcome the blame, anger and pain. Start Living and Loving again!

Would You Like To Get Over Divorce? But don’t think that it’s possible? Not only is this possible, I can actually show you how. In just 4 easy to do steps in only 30 days. You can be on your way to feeling happier, more confident and actually looking forward to the adventure of being single again.

Want to know a secret?
There are 4 easy to do steps that helped me and thousands of women get over Divorce and They can Work For YOU Too!

I have been told time and time again that this program is the Greatest Gold-Mine Of Easy "Get Over Divorce " Advice Ever Crammed Into One Product and literally Thousands Now Get Over Divorce Who Never Thought They Could ...With These 4 steps. You can too! Get "Divorce Without Remorse"!

To purchase this product, or for more info, contact Elena

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