Love Quizzes

Love Quiz 1

1. Know Yourself

The mistake that most people make in the area of love is to believe that relationships start with someone other than themselves. This questionnaire is designed to assist you in getting to know yourself better so that you can make better love choices. Find a quiet time to read and carefully review each of the questions posed and respond honestly. Most people report that it is helpful to review their answers as if they were reading about a stranger, thereby making it easier to draw more impartial conclusions. It is better not to compare notes and/or share this private information with friends, family, lovers or potential lovers. However, it may prove insightful in a therapeutic setting with a professional therapist.  Note: This questionnaire is written from a woman’s point of view. Apply the gender reference that applies to you.

Start With You Love Relationship Questionnaire

Write down the following: Basic Self-Information

1. Name (first name only)
2. State (Province) in which you live or have lived
3. Your Current Occupation
4. Your Age
5. Highest Educational Level Attained
6. Marital Status
Husband's/wife's Occupation
7. Your Husband’s/wife’s and/or lover’s Highest Educational Level Attained
8. Years Married
9. Years living together without Marriage
10. Divorced? Widowed?
11. Boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s Occupation
12. Children
13. Age(s)
14. Race
15. Religious Affiliation
16. Cultural Background
17. General State of Health (Poor, good, excellent)
18. Appearance (Considered below average, average, attractive, exceptional)
19. Hobbies / Interests outside of work


1. How many years were your parents (or care givers) married? If married multiple times, please briefly explain (the endurance of each marriage, etc.).
2. Were they happily married? (Again if parents were married multiple times explain overall happiness of each marriage).
3. Did you have siblings?
4. What role did religion play in your family-of-origin’s life?
5. Did you have an extended family?
6. How would you describe your early childhood experience?
7. Were you a happy child? Explain.
8. What did you learn about relationships from your Mother?
9. What did you learn about relationships from your Father?
10. How has what you learned in childhood impacted on the kinds of relationships you have today? 
11. What is your worst childhood moment in regard to relationships?
12. What was your happiest childhood moment in regard ro relationships? 
13. Are you generally a happy person today?
14. When you were a child what impacted your thinking the most about love relationships from what you saw with your parents (care givers), relatives, and friend’s parents and/or from television?

Teen Years

15. How many friends did you have as a teenager?
16. Were your friends sexually active?
17. How old were you when you had your first boyfriend/girlfriend?
18. How old were you when you had your first sexual experience?
19. If you had a daughter/son what would you want her/him to know about sex?
20. Describe your life as a teenager (in relation to love relationships).
21. As a teenager what was more important to you, having a boyfriend/girlfriend or getting into a good college?
22. How would you describe your attractiveness level as teenager?
23. What hobbies did you have?
24. Did you drink or smoke?
25. What was your over all attitude toward love and relationship in your teen years?  Where did your attitude come from primarily?


26. Are you now or did you ever live with your romantic partner before marriage?
27. If yes, did it work out for you? Explain.
28. Would you recommend living together before and/or instead of marriage?
29. How would you describe dating now? Explain fully.
30. How would you describe the state of marriage today?
31. Are you or have you ever been married?
32. How would you describe your dating and/or marital situation now and/or dating/marriage(s) from your past?
33. Do you recommend marriage? Why or why not?
34. What do (would) you tell your daughter/son (if you had one) about dating, love and marriage?
35. Was what your Mother/Father (care givers) told you about dating, love and marriage accurate to what you have experienced so far? Explain.
36. What if any influence has the media had on your experience of dating, love and/or marriage?
37. Fill In (and explain):
a. Love is
b. Dating is
c. Sex is
d. Men are
e. Women are
f. Divorce is
g. Education is
h. My Professional Life is
i. Children are
j. Marriage is
k. My Religion is
l. My parents taught me that love is
m. Men don’t understand that Women need
n. Women don’t understand that Men need
o. My Love Relationship now (or in the past) was lacking
p. If I had to do it all over again I would
q. My finances are
r. Meeting and dating a Man/ Women (romantic partner) from the internet is
s. I am most confident about
t. Knowing what I know now about life and relationships I would
u. I always get involved with guys/gals that
v. The best kinds of guys/gals for me to have a healthy relationship with are
w. I would like to change (fill in) about my choice of love partners
x. I would like to learn more about (fill in) as it pertains to love and relationships.
y. I would love to read a book that could help me identify my love strategies, so that I could make better love choices.
z. Women want men to be more
aa. Men want woman to be more
ab. The best places to meet a romantic interest is
ac. The biggest problem I have with men/women is
38. True or False (According to your beliefs) and Briefly Explain.
a. Men should help ladies on with their coats
b. Woman are now more than ever focused on their career
c. The women’s movement only increased the workload of women
d. 90% of the success of marriage is due to the woman’s efforts
e. Divorce is a very painful
f. I support gay marriage
g. Manners are not important to me
h. I will not date a man who is shorter than me (or a women who doesn’t meet my physical ideal)
i. I voted in the last presidential election
j. Marriage is almost obsolete
k. If I like a guy/gal I will date him/her even if he/she is married
l. Pornography hurts women
m. Most women will do anything for a man
n. It is usually expected that a woman will have sex with a man by the third date
o. Living together (without being married) is a good idea
p. Women are more interested in having children after they have acquired success in their careers
q. Laws against Domestic Violence perpetrators have finally caught up to the problem
r. Children are harmed a great deal today because of divorce
s. Women are responsible for most of the household chores in relationships
t. Men are still expected to be the primary bread winner
u. The media plays little to no role in influencing attitudes about love
v. I would marry for money
w. I pay close attention to my appearance
x. I am dissatisfied with my relationship status (or lack of relationship)
y. Women are just as unfaithful as men
z. I have been in a physically abusive love relationship
aa. Love can last a lifetime
ab. I am generally distrustful of men/ women
ac. I want my daughter/son (or would want) my daughter/son to
ad. I have had or am having an affair
ae. I would date/marry a person out of my race or culture
af. I would never cheat on my boyfriend /husband or wife/girlfriend
ag. My religious faith gives me strength when my love relationship is difficult
ah. Inlaws play a very important role in marriage
ai. I have never been in an abusive relationship
aj. Age is not a factor in dating
ak. It is helpful to read self-help books
al. Men are interested in how women look more than anything else
am. Women want men with money/status to support them
an. I don’t think it’s smart to date people in the work place
ao. Most people use some kind of recreational drugs to relax (alcohol, weed, cocaine etc.)
ap. Gay marriages are immoral
aq. I still believe in happily ever after
ar. It doesn’t bother me at all if my boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife flirts with other women/men
as. Health plays an important role in successful relationships
at. Men and woman play equal roles in relationships today
au. Men today are not very romantic
av. All is fair in love and war
aw. Children often the brunt of divorce
ax. I come from a divorced family
39. List your 5 or less (by name or number) most important relationships. And answer the following questions (briefly): How did they start? Use one word to describe the relationship. What did you enjoy the most about it? What did you enjoy the least? As a result of that relationship you learned you would never (fill in). How did the relationship end? What kind of impact did the relationship have on you?
40. List 10 traits/qualities you want to have in your love relationship. List in order of importance.
41. Answer by degree of importance to you.  V = very important, N = not very important, D = don’t care at all (non-issue).
a. A potential love interest's looks
b. A potential love interest's financial status
c. A potential love interest must have strong communication skills
d. A potential love interest's occupation
e. A potential love interest's romantic history
f. A potential love interest must show respect for my feelings
g. A potential love interest's educational level
h. A potential love interest's political affiliations
i. A potential love interest's skills in bed (sexually)
j. A potential love interest's Religious views
k. A potential love interest's attitude toward women/men
l. A potential love interest's overall personality
m. A potential love interest's kindness toward you
n. A potential love interest's family history (parents divorced, etc.)
o. A potential love interest's race
p. A potential love interest's sense of fun and adventure
q. A potential love interest's health habits
r. A potential love interest's penis/breast size
s. A potential love interest's age
t. A potential love interest's intelligence
42. List at least 5 red flags for you in love relationships (now or in the past).  Example: My heart is captured whenever I meet a man/women that has serious problems because I feel he/she needs me.
43. Do you think women's/men’s attitudes toward love relationships have changed dramatically in the last 5 years? 10 years? 30 years? Explain.
44. Are there any other areas that were not addressed in this questionnaire that you think are important to women/men?
45. List 5 things you would advise women/men about when it comes to love relationships?


Love Quiz 2

Dating: Getting to Know Him/Her

Single woman and single man animation

What do his/her friends say about him/her? Pay close attention to his/her friends because that can give you a lot of information about the person you are dating.

Find a time when you are relaxed and will not be interrupted to review and answer the questions on this self-quiz. You will be more honest in your responses if you don’t share this information with your family, friends, lover, or potential lover. However, it may be a useful discussion tool in a therapeutic environment with a qualified mental health practioner if that applies to your situation.    Note: This questionnaire is written from a woman’s point of view. Apply the gender reference that applies to you.

  1. Have you met his/her friends yet? This is vital to any potential relationship as well as being a prerequisite for you in responding to this quiz.
  2. How many close friends does he/she have now?
  3. Describe each and every one of his/her friends?
  4. Would you be friends with his/her friends if you had not met them through your potential lover? Why or why not?
  5. What does he/she say to you about his/her friends?
  6. What do his/her friends say to you about him/her?
  7. What kinds of things does he/she do with his/her friends?
  8. Do his/her friends make you feel welcome into the circle?
  9. What, if any common features, do you see in his/her friends?
  10. Consider your answers to the proceeding questions and then draw a conclusion on what you can say about your potential lover based on your responses to the questions.


Love Quiz 3

Are You Dating Material?

The most frequent question I am asked is how to find that special love. The good news is that it is very possible to find that special one. The bad news is that you may have to work on some things in yourself before you would even recognize that special someone.  This simple quiz may help you find those things you need to address.

Find a time when you are relaxed and will not be interrupted to review and answer the questions on this self-quiz. You will be more honest in your responses if you don’t share this information with your family, friends, lover, or potential lover. However, it may be a useful discussion tool in a therapeutic environment with a qualified mental health practitioner if that applies to your situation.  Note: This questionnaire is written from a woman’s point of view. Apply the gender reference that applies to you.

  1. When was the last time you were in a serious love relationship? If it is less than one year and you have not gotten into therapy of some kind, give yourself more emotional healing time.
  2. What kind of relationship did/do you have with the parent of the opposite gender? If the relationship was kind and loving you can proceed, if not you have some internal work to complete.
  3. Do you lead an active and happy life? If not, it is important not to put your life on hold waiting for a love relationship to save you. 
  4. Do you take good care of your health? If you don’t workout, eat well and see a doctor regularly, you need to pay more attention to yourself before bringing anyone else into the mix.
  5. What goals do you have for your life? If your only goal is to snag a lover, you need to rethink this goal. People who are goal-oriented make better partners.
  6. Are you a person who is enthusiastic about life? If not, you need to concentrate on becoming a more positive person. Happy people tend to connect with other happy people.
  7. What areas of your life do you think need more attention? Give yourself the attention you need before going into the dating arena.


Love Quiz 4

At What Stage is Your Marriage?

Marriage: What stage is your marriage now? This is an important question because if you can identify the stage your marriage is in it may give you some insight into your marriage's dynamics. Thereby giving you the possible opportunity to make your marriage thrive!

  1. Read the following relationship stage descriptions carefully.
  2. Based on the descriptions you have just read, what stage(s) do you think your relationship is in now? Why?
  3. What can you do, if it applies, to improve your relationship based on the stage it is in?
  4. What is anything, will you do to implement the changes you could make?
  5. If you plan on putting a plan into effect, when will you start?
  6. If you plan in putting a plan into effect, how will you know you have been successful?       

Relationships go through specific stages, and the stages initially follow a sequential pattern. Later a mix and match theme can follow until a comfortable blend is secured.

The Stages of a Relationship

Stage 1 - You have found heaven on earth." (Fantasy)

This is the earliest stage of a relationship. It is romantic and sweet and even a bit painful at times. Your eyes meet across a crowded room and all you can think about is your new lover’s lips .And kissing them. All of your conversations are fun, and/or sensitive and wonderful. Your lover is the most interesting person you have ever known. Time apart is excruciating. Your imagination wanders to thoughts of other people they could be dating when you are not together. Those thoughts torture your emotions and you want to turn back but are compelled forward. You are on a high. It’s a good thing your feet are planted firmly on the ground or you most assuredly would float away.  The object of your affection can do no wrong in your eyes. Even though you may have spats here and there, they are harmless and they are often resolved with a hug, kiss and reassurances of love. You and your lover feel as if you could walk off hand and hand into the sunset. You can’t imagine ever being without your new love. Life is so good and everything is hearts and flowers. You and your lover are in this romantic nirvana that feels as if it could last for a lifetime… happily ever after. What you never bargain on is what happens before you get to the "ever after" part and that’s where stage 2 comes in …..

Stage 2 - Your God-like lover is (unfortunately) all too human." (Reality)

This stage can feel like you have just run into a brick wall going 150 miles an hour. And when you wake up from the crash you ask “what happened?”
This is the stage where you find out your Adonis or Athena has faults, some very serious and disturbing faults. She actually bites her finger nails. And it’s scary seeing her without makeup in the morning. Can you imagine? And he is an Internet junkie. You want to get him into Internet junkie’s 12-step program.  And he stays up all night and sleeps until noon.  And she is forever late and he opens his mouth when he eats. And she is gassy! Gassy! And he spends money like there is no tomorrow. His idea of a romantic evening is holding hands with you while you watch boxing on television. In stage 1 you had sweet fights. The banter went back and forth, and back and forth. As the silly argument persisted others around you wanted to gag. Now, you find that the arguments turn to more serious matters. He gets upset because she won’t stop emailing and talking to her ex’s and other men who obviously still have crushes on her. He tells her it hurts his feelings in so many words but her ego needs the attention from the opposite gender so much that she overlooks his feelings and does this anyway. He starts to feel she is not giving him and their relationship the proper respect. She cajoles and jokes away his feelings as if to dismiss them.  And he feels like an idiot because he gave up many past pleasures in order to give her his present and future. And she did not play by the rules.  She gets upset with him because he doesn’t clean things in the way that she thinks they need to be cleaned. And she feels exhausted because she has to tell him the same things over and over again.  The couple has more fights in this stage than at any other time but the relationship also gets more real. If the couple can endure, adjust and accept the faults of the loved one, they probably will go on to stage three. The challenge in Stage 2 is that it appears to be the longest of the three stages and also, some couples flip-flop between the stages, though there is usually a more predominant stage. Stage 2 is the most difficult but can offer the greatest insights. You learn more about yourself and how you relate across the board as well as how you operate within certain relationship dynamics. You learn what kinds of personalities work for you and which one’s to avoid. This stage can help you open your heart or forever close it down. It would be impossible for a couple to stay in stage 1 indefinitely, you just don’t have enough energy to keep up with the whirlwind of emotions and passion. Some people get addicted to state 1 and think if their relationship moves into state 2 it is over. They are “romance addicts.” As soon as the honeymoon is over, so to speak, they are long gone. This of course is wrong thinking.   Everything changes just by virtue of being in this world. If the couple can navigate this reality stage, it will be well worth the drop over to Stage 3. They will be happy they stuck it out once they arrive in Stage 3.

Stage 3 - The stage of "Mature Emotional Bliss!" (Acceptance)

This is the stage of peace and contentment. This is the stage that you see couples sitting next to each other smiling and talking about interests and/or life experiences with ease and comfort. You both know and accept yourselves. And you know and accept the other person as well.  You both know each other better than anyone else and love each other anyway. The wild manic swings are replaced by a quiet resilient and committed love.   It is the acceptance stage. You’ve been through the fantasy of romance and intense passion. You’ve been through the reality stage, and have come to the conclusion that your God-like lover is as human and imperfect as you are and that’s life. In this stage all the petty nonsense slips away and a solid foundation of love, acceptance and respect remains. Couples that have been married for a long time have a better chance of getting to this stage if they stay together through stage 2.  Some couples are fortunate to have successfully made their way through stage 2 fairly quickly. And then there are the folks who get stuck in stage 1 and/or 2. They break up before they even have a change of getting to stage 3.  Most relationships don’t evolve to this stage because couples cannot withstand the test and trails of stage 2.  Much, of course, depends on the people involved. Couples usually are in the same stage at the same time.  Consequently couples that hang in and on to one another and make it to this lucky stage have peace and contentment.

Author, Seminar Leader and College Professor, Dr. Elena Bien has combined her broad knowledge base, compassion and humor to her writing, seminars and college faculty positions.
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