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"Notions About Love". From the archives of Elena's "Love Expert" articles:

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10 Red Flags for Women About the Potential Guy in Their Life!
© 2007 Elena Bien All Rights Reserved
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1. If he is over 40 and has never had a serious love relationship.
If he tells you that he has just never met the right woman, there is a very slight chance that he is telling the truth. However, it is more likely that he is the one that is not the right person- for you!

2. If he loses his temper over insignificant things.
Everyone loses their temper every now and then. If he doesn’t curse at you, call you bad names, set your car on fire, or behave in a socially unacceptable manner, I wouldn’t worry about it. If he loses it, over things like when he misplaces his coffee cup and/or rants and raves when you tell him you are going to have lunch with your Mom-lose him!

3. If he tells you that he loves women and persists in demonstrating this point to you with every woman that crosses his path.
Unless, you have an ego that needs to be brought down a few notches- move on. Overtime, this guy will mess up your self image!

4. If he consistently runs out of money and asks to borrow money from you.
Most people have times of financial challenge; I am not referring to temporary money problems. However, if money crisis is a regular theme in his life, just know, that if you further your involvement with him, you could lose your heart and your good credit record too. Is he really worth it?

5. If he blames all of his past relationships on his partners.
He may be delusional and/or it just so happens that he has the worst luck when it comes to choosing partners. Either way, your prospects of happiness do not bode well with this type of guy!

6. If he lies about important things.
Most people tell, what I call are “social lies” of omission. That is the kind of lie, that when a woman buys a dress that makes he look like a balloon and she asks you in public, “What do you think?” You say, the color is great on you. I am referring to the kind of guy that forgets to tell you that he is really married and has three kids. Next.

7. Once a cheater, always a cheater!
If you are in a serious relationship with him and he tells you that he is going out with his friends and comes back with lipstick on his collar, the scent of another woman, and clear evidence of cheating, show him the door. Some people think that cheating is a forgivable infraction; personally, I think, forgiveness does not involve allowing yourself to be with a guy that betrayed your trust.

7. If he is unusually attached to his mother and/or his family and/or friends.
I think it is wonderful that a guy loves his Mom and others in his life. However, it is the extreme’s that concern me. For instance, a friend of mine, told me that she should have known their was a problem with her husband when he wanted to take his Mom on their honeymoon! Unbelievable, huh?

8. If he does not keep his word to you, his integrity is lacking.
If you are looking for a relationship, being able to rely on his word and actions is paramount. If he tells you that he will bring you ice crème and forgets one time, is not a big deal in my book. If he promises to stop smoking, and/or mail you taxes to the IRS, and /or consistently is late and/or a no show, kick him to the curb.

9. If he is mean to animals of any kind, he will eventually be mean to you.
I used to introduce my dates to my dog (who incidentally was a great judge of character). If the guy in question did not at least speak nicely to my dog, I put him on notice mentally. And if he was down right mean to my dog, well, I would never allow anyone to be mean to my dog! He would never stand a change with me. I realize that it is possible that a serial killer could be nice to a dog…but, my dog would have sniffed out his true character! I hope, you readers have a good sense of humor!

10. If you tell him that you want to talk and he turns up the television or tunes you out, he does not care enough about you to listen to what is on your mind.
I know the joke about guys most dreaded words are when the woman in his life wants to have a talk with him. And guys think they will be getting yelled at like in their childhood days. Seriously though, if the guy you just started dating and/or have been in a relationship headed toward serious doesn’t really listen to you, it will only get worse with time. It is true, that there are ways to communicate feelings and thoughts that are uncomfortable for the receiver of the information, but, the guy in your life must be willing to travel down that road with you.

Article . . .

When Should You Step Up and Protect Your Man?
© 2007 Elena Bien All Rights Reserved
Note: To use this article, you must include the Author's full name and link to www.elena.tv

I recently attended an event where my husband was the guest speaker. I know that my husband takes time and care in everything that he does. If I had to say he had any faults, it would be that he is a perfectionist in his work. He gives 150% each and every time.

Anyway, at the luncheon event, just as my sweetheart was getting started, toward the back of the room loud conversation ensued. Due to the wire on the mike he could not do that old teacher’s trick and go and stand by the troublemaker.
I was looking around at other people at the event and I could tell that they were put off by the disruptive table. I whispered to the nice woman sitting next to me that I wanted to get up and tell the table to hush (among other things). As it turned out, the troublemaker was a person in my husband’s industry. And I also found out that someone at the event had chastised her for her rudeness. I don’t think it is necessary for me to go into the reasons why this individual behaved so poorly, or to reveal her identity.

My point in bringing this up is that while my husband handled himself like the pro that he is, and he got a rounding ovation at the end of the talk, I wanted to intervene on his behalf. I had to hold myself back and I wonder if any of you have had times in your relationship where you wanted to protect your partner from injustice and did you follow through.

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It greatly disturbs me how we as girls/women are being subjected to the notion that if we are not a perfect size 4 with large breasts, no hips, and at least 5’8" stature, that we are somehow unlovable. I got the idea for this script from a friend of mine that is size nothing and constantly exercises and gets plastic surgery like other people take aspirin. She equates getting older and acquiring wrinkles to death almost. My friend feels the need to tell me about all the men that hit on her when her husband is not around. She must be the center of male attention in all social settings, or she becomes depressed. I am more compassionate toward my friend than annoyed. She is a wonderful person caught up in this false sense of who she is as women based on societies dictates. Her sense of self is completely chained to her outer appearance. And she is not alone in this perception.

My program is designed to help women/girls understand and appreciate that we are so much more than our bodies. Further, I think it is vital to women as a group to place more emphasis on our intellectual, emotional, spiritual contribution than the physical body/presence we show to the world. I have also the fact that exercise, eating well and taking care of your healthy is important to your well being. The aim being good health rather than starving and exercising your way down to size o to fit the image of beauty that has been wrongly given to women. Body Image issues have gotten out of control. Not long ago, I watched a little girl about 10 years old, being interviewed about her anorexia on a television show. An innocent little girl at 10 should be playing with dolls, reading books, dreaming, going swimming and having fun with her friends. Little girls to woman are being sold a bill of goods that I believe is so hurtful and destructive. And this standard is much more relaxed for men than women. A poll was taken recently that described how American audiences prefer average (which they define as chunky) not overly handsome leading men in films these days. The women (actresses) however, must be rail thin beauty queens under the age of 25. I find this objectionable.

Inner Makeover was developed to help women of all sizes and dimensions gain more self acceptance and love for themselves. You are after all, much more than your body.

Article . . .

11 Ways to Show Your Man That You Appreciate Him!
© 2007 Elena Bien All Rights Reserved
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The key things that men and woman really want in a love relationship are to feel Loved and Appreciated. And it seems that feeling Appreciated also makes a person feel loved.So, I am going to provide you with 10 Ways to show him you Appreciate him! I’m sure you can have fun finding other ways to show him how much you love him.

1. When you make his favorite things to eat, make it a special occasion, that is, the way that he interprets a special occasion to be, etc.
I have a friend whose husband loves to go camping, so she bakes him brownies and puts them in his nap sack to be enjoyed among his friends by the camp fire.

2. Don’t attack him with problems that minute he walks in the door.
After your honey comes home from work, give his some chill time, everyone needs it. A nice hug and a cup of tea and some quiet time, will calm his nerves, and help him to feel more relaxed.

3. Use your manners.
It seems that after people date and/or are with someone for awhile, their manners go out the door. This is not a good thing. If your honey has done something for you, make sure to give him a big hug and a sincere thank you.

4. Don’t take him for granted.
No one wants to feel like they are not being acknowledged for the good person they are and-or the ways in which they contribute to the relationship. Let him know you are paying attention to all those things that he does, and it makes your life better.

5. Encourage him to pursue his own interests.
I got a letter from a woman that refused to allow her husband to play chess with his friends once a week. She wanted his full attention. She was choking the life out of the poor guy. If you care/love someone you want them to do those things ( as long as they are moral and legal) that make him feel good about himself.

6. Men love to be pampered.
Get him a gift certificate at a health spa. If your finances won’t allow such an extravagance, give him a massage and factual yourself.

7. Listen very carefully when he speaks.
The greatest gift you can give someone is your time, stop what you are doing and listen when he shares his thoughts with you.

8. Be his friend.
There are many couples that have been together for years and they don’t even like the person they are in a committed relationship with, etc. If you fall into that category, do the work necessary to bring him into your friendship fold.

9. Be Encouraging.
If you have even been with a person that is constantly complaining and finding fault with you, it is exhausting to be around them. And, their negativity makes you feel unappreciated and drained. Make yourself happy, and pass it on, to the guy in your life.

10. Keep up your beauty regimen.
You don’t have to be a beauty queen and/or wear a size 2. Exercise, eat well, and maintain good grooming skills. He will feel that you appreciate being with him by the appearance that you present to the world. Men usually feel that the woman they are with is a reflection of them.

11. Never swear at him!
No matter how angry and/or frustrated you ever become with the man in your life, you must never swear and/or use demeaning language toward him. You will not only hurt him at the given moment, overall, he will not feel respected and/or appreciated.

Article . . .

Self-Absorbed People!
© 2007 Elena Bien All Rights Reserved
Note: To use this article, you must include the Author's full name and link to www.elena.tv

I ran into a friend of mine recently while clothes shopping. One of the things my husband and I enjoy doing when our schedules allow is going out to lunch on a weekday, followed by at least half a day of window and other kinds of shopping. I really lucked out as my husband enjoys shopping almost as much as I do. When we are in a store, we go our separate ways and kind of meet later somewhere in the middle and share our special finds with one another. I have come to discover that while shopping is an activity/hobby that my husband and I share, it has also become an important part of my mental health. It is my therapy and relaxation. And it is not that I spend a lot of money while shopping. Sometimes I don’t buy anything. It depends on whether I see something I need and/or something spectacular. It’s just that for some reason when I am clothes shopping in particular, and going through the clothes racks, I am focused only on the clothes, and all of my worries, concerns and stresses cease to be important. I usually find it to be a very relaxing activity.

Anyway, while I was off in “la la” land sorting through the silk blouses, I noticed a friend of mine chatting away with my husband. She is a very sweet woman. Unfortunately however, her conversations don’t seem to vary with her over time and place. So I was pretty certain of the topic and conversation my husband was having with my friend. Her husband of almost 25 years left her for another woman. It is a sad and tragic story for too many women, and I have a great deal of compassion for her.

Anyway, I have known my friend for several years now and almost all of her conversations evolve around her divorce. She talks, and talks and talks some more, about her tragedy like it happened yesterday. Yet it happened over 10 years ago. In all of our conversations, I have mostly listened, occasionally offered possible solutions, and even asked her to come to social gatherings that promised to be fun etc., in hopes of giving her something else to think about at least for a short time. My goal in taking the course I had been taking was an attempt to help her get over her loss. But she wasn’t having it. Besides losing her husband, she has now lost most of her friends and family because, quite frankly, her friends and those around her can’t take it anymore. She is exhausting and draining.

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The Value of Good Communication Skills in Life and Love!
© 2007 Elena Bien All Rights Reserved
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I briefly or not so briefly talked about communication skills and such in my last e-zine. However, more things have come to me about the subject this month from which that I think you or someone you know might benefit. (Don’t ever say I never gave you anything…gee. I’ve been hanging around my five year old niece too long, that’s her stock phrase as she hands you her empty gum wrapper). My brother tells me that the poor child has inherited my goofy sense of humor. How did we get off of this subject? Anyway, here goes.

I have to admit that from time to time a nice looking man catches my attention; much like you would look and appreciate a fine piece of art. At least that’s how I explain it to my husband! You all know, I’m joking right? No offense to my sweet husband, who is the love of my life! A few days ago, at the shopping market, there was a man standing in line in front of me. It seemed that everyone with-in gawking range was staring at this man. He looked like a movie star. As he got up to the register, I overheard him talking, or really mumbling, to the cashier. She was attempting to make conversation with him and flirting. I give her a lot of credit because flirting, while handing someone back a five pound bag of frozen corn as your prop, is quite a skill. Anyway, as the cashier spoke to him, his response was barely audible. And when the cashier asked him to repeat what he said. He raised his voice, and the volume made it perfectly clear that he was inarticulate, and sounded ignorant. “Um, er, eh, huh? Whatdja, say? Yeah. Uhm, ugh,” he continued. I felt kind of sorry for the guy. I thought his presentation/communication skills probably would not afford him a very nice lifestyle, let alone a date.

This brings me to another story. A friend of mine was talking to me about a woman that he used to date. He told me that she was very pretty and dressed beautifully. However, as soon as she opened her mouth, she embarrassed him. She was a grown woman who acted and sounded like a child. Her use of language and inability to carry on an intelligent conversation made her seem to be rather dull (which was not the case). My friend said he stopped bringing her to professional events because it reflected poorly on him.

I don’t know how many people realize the impact of speaking and communicating in business as well as in love. I wonder how many people really concern themselves with their mode of in-taking (listening) and outpouring (intelligently expressing ideas) information. I have heard time and time again from women that say they want to meet and marry/settle down with, a man that is upwardly mobile. I know a 30-year-old who very adequately represents this group of women wanting a man on the upwardly mobile track. She is a very nice person, works as a receptionist for a real estate company, is in great health and shape, and is well liked. Her plan is to date professional men that she meets through her job. However, when she speaks, she uses expressions like “ain’t” instead of “isn’t”. Her tone of voice is annoying, as she is very loud and shrilly-sounding, and she doesn’t listen when people speak to her - she constantly interrupts them. She makes every conversation about her. Her speaking and conversational skills are lacking. She thinks that if she dresses well, stays in shape, and is patient enough, she is going to meet and date men in a higher sociological class. I personally don’t see that happening. I don’t mean to sound callous, but I think it is true. Class, education, intelligence and value is placed on people according to the way they speak, listen and express themselves. I think this woman would make better use of her extra time by taking speaking courses and working on her voice.

Some years ago, I took a speaking course with my husband. Many of you know that he is a professional speaker and trainer. Many of the students in this class thought that because I was married to the teacher my skill level was equivalent to his. I’ve been told that I have a large vocabulary. And perhaps I could have found many large and interesting words to express my knocking knees and chattering teeth. LOL! His class expected me to not only have his command of language, but also his skill on stage. I kept thinking, “They think I should be George in a dress!” George is my husband’s name. Anyway, there was a lot of pressure on me because my level of experience and skill was/is not the same level as my husband. We may have started looking alike because we have been married for some time (just kidding), but we aren’t twins as far as our skill level and interest is concerned.

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Summer Romance Almost Never Works!
© 2007 Elena Bien All Rights Reserved
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Happy summer, readers! I love the summer. Here in the states the weather is warm in this part of the country, so many of us head outside for picnics and/or off to the beach for a day in the sun and fun. Which brings me to the subject I have been thinking about, a notion that I have carried for years that is, never trust a “summer love”. If you meet a man and fall in love with him in the heat of the summer days and/or comfortable nights, it probably won’t last. Am I being too negative? Hmmm. That does not seem like me at all.

Yes, I fess up. I am of the opinion that a summer romance is just that, a summer romance. Yummy perhaps and exciting. So enjoy it but be careful about putting your complete heart into it. It’s like meeting a man while you are on a cruise, and/or vacationing, and/or in a setting that is unnatural like a convention or party.
When reality sets in, the party is over. Am I alone in this opinion? Do any of you think if you meet a man and pursue a relationship with him during the summer months, more than other times of the year, that it is suspect?

I don’t really have any facts to back up my perspective; however, I really believe it to be the truth. Now, I’m not saying that it will never work. I’m just saying that the odds are against it. Somebody please prove me wrong! I’m glad we can laugh at times like this.

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Article . . .

The Difference Between a Girl and a Woman!
© 2007 Elena Bien All Rights Reserved
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I recently had an interesting experience that I thought many of you, my readers, might relate to on some level. I was supposed to get together for dinner with a lady friend of mine that I don’t get to see very often. I was excited about spending some time with her. It seems that life can be very hectic for many of us. And putting time aside is difficult as well as costly in terms of scheduling and/or taking time and attention away from other business-related tasks. In any event, I went through the time and trouble to do this to accommodate our friendship. Well, as it turned out, my friend canceled two hours before we were to get together to go out to dinner and partake of some good old fashioned girl talk. She left a giggly high-spirited phone message about a guy she had wanted to date for months now, just calling her that night, and asking her out on a date.

So, instead of taking a rain check from him, she wanted to reschedule with me. I could not believe my ears. This is a woman whom I stayed up all night consoling when her last boyfriend told her that he had to find himself. She later found him also, at her best friend’s house having late night bootie calls. I am the one that she called at 3am on more than one occasion, when she was going through divorce, when her father was sick, and when her cat died, and on and on. And now, she had in essence, put a virtual stranger ahead of our friendship. My friend and I could do loops around 21 in terms of age and friendship history. And frankly, I felt her behavior was very junior high school.

A few weeks late, she called and was chatty, talking a mile a minute. She acted as if she had not offended me and betrayed herself. She wanted to get together to talk about her new boyfriend and the problems she was having with his children. And she wanted to mull over with me the pros and cons of being a step-mother to his kids, should the relationship develop in that direction. I thought that her behavior was incredibly self-centered, and I knew that I was not going to contain my displeasure much longer. It seemed to me that when she needed me she expected me to drop everything in my life to help her out. I decided to talk to her face-to-face about my feelings toward her and her recent behavior. As she started talking to me about her new love and their problems I interrupted her, and told her I needed to get some things off my chest first. I knew that I would not be present for any further conversation until this matter was resolved. And I proceeded to tell her the inconvenience she had caused me and how I felt about her actions. Surprisingly, she refused to acknowledge that she had done anything wrong, and in fact, became quite defensive. It was actually kind of interesting. It was like watching a television reality show, except we were not going to make up and jump into a Jacuzzi! She felt that because she was single and wanted to get married that her love goal took precedence over any friendships she had with females. I said, “You have just told me that the attention and time of a man that called you at the very last minute has more value to you than our many years of friendship.” She refused to entertain the idea that she did anything hurtful to me. I felt she was abusive with my time, which is precious. I was speechless, and that rarely happens to me.

It surprised and disappointed me, that my friend’s desperation took precedence over her sense of morality and integrity in friendship. I told her that I would always care about her and appreciate her many fine qualities however, I would not put myself in a position with anyone that could so easily take my time and life for granted at the mere whim of a man. This current experience brought me back to high school days when girls would not even call to cancel a get-together with you and other friends if a guy dropped by at the last minute. I didn’t like that then and I sure won’t put up with that at this late date. I hope that my friend will get her act together. I told her that I am keeping the door open, with the provision that my boundaries are upheld.

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Additionally, in our home, eating is a dining experience. Each meal is prepared with love and served in beautiful ways. We eat in our dining room and the table is fully set. The conversation is kept light and non stressful. Food is eaten slowly. We eat by candle light. We don’t eat after 7pm.

Not long ago, I asked my husband his favorite thing about being married to me, and his reply was “the food”! So, there you have it, the best way to the heart is through the stomach!

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In the course of many social gatherings, I was recently introduced to a woman by a well-meaning friend of hers, as a “Love Expert”. I think the introducee felt that her friend needed my help. Very soon into the conversation the woman who I was introduced to asked a question and made some statements. She asked, “What do you think about a woman 33 years old dating a man in his 50’s?” I said “I don’t see anything wrong with that as long as he isn’t married”. And I smiled. The young woman (who looked to be about 33) glanced down for a moment and said, “He is married”. She paused for a moment and crossed her arms over her chest and continued, “But his wife doesn’t give him what he needs”. “She doesn’t give him praise for his accomplishments and encourage him”. “She is so involved in raising her children, and she doesn’t give him any attention”. I found it interesting, that the woman’s arms were folded even tighter across her chest as she tried to explain away the apparent relationship she was having with a married man. And her voice took on a rather defensive tone. I have to admit, I had to step back for fear of coming on too strong. I thought, perhaps I could at the least help her examine her situation more clearly.

Unfortunately, I did not have much of an opportunity to discuss the matter with the woman in much depth because it was a social setting and people could overhear our discussion. So I took a deep breath and said, “ Maybe the woman who is dating the married guy better make sure that she gives him all the attention, praise and encouragement that he needs or she will soon be replaced, huh?” The young woman said, “I am sure he would NEVER do that to her”. “He loves her”. “How does she know that he loves her?” I asked. “He has already proven that he is a cheater and a liar by going outside of his marriage”. She shrugged off what I said and looked away. I then asked, “How many kids did you say his wife has, because you said she was raising her children?” “Oh, I meant that she was raising their children”, the young woman corrected me. Oh, so you mean this woman, his wife, is raising their children?” “How many kids do they have?” “Four”, she said” “What are their ages”, I asked? “3, 5, 7, and I think 12”, she added. “Does she also have a job outside of the house?” “Actually, she works with him.” “They have a real estate business”. I nodded and weaved into another verbal direction. “When you were a kid, did you ever baby sit?” I asked. She said, “Yes, I love children”. “That’s great”, I remarked. “I bet, even though you loved the kids, you were happy when you could give them back to their Mom”? “Yeah, I guess so”, she answered, wondering where I was going with all of this. And I weaved, conversationally, some more. “Is this married guy a success? Does he have money?” “Well, he actually is quite wealthy”. So, you told me that he and his wife have four kids under 13, a successful business together, and he doesn’t get enough time from his wife?” “Well, there is more to it then that”, she quickly offered. “He is so hard working, and he can’t divorce her because he will lose his kids and his business. I guess his wife, who helped build the business, maintain the marriage and family, is not hard working? Gosh, it seems like this married guy gets to have his cake and eat it too. He has a wife who is willing and able take care of their home life, and helps him in business as well. And he has a young single woman who is willing to cater to his schedule and lifestyle and put her life on hold for him. And, the last I heard, the court had such things as joint custody.” “You don’t understand”, the young woman interrupted, his wife is a B_ _ _ _! She will take him for everything”. “Is that really true? What is everything?”, I asked. “Well, that’s what he told me”, her voice trailed off. “And, of course you can believe him, because he is such an honest guy, right?” “Well, er, um, she began. I love him, I mean she loves him”. “But, does he really love her, you?” I asked softly. “Yes, he does”, she flatly relied. “You know this because he told you, right?” I didn’t add anything to that thought. She was getting it.

“Well, I have to go, nice meeting you”, she shook my hand. “You, too”, I answered. I know that she was very upset with what I said, and yet there was so much more that I wanted to add to the conversation. I wanted to say, “If he is doing it with you, there is a good chance that he’ll do it to you”. Not an original concept, but a concept that women in this situation must consider. “And, what if he did actually leave his wife for you? Could you trust him, knowing that he is a cheater? And, how would you feel if you put your heart and life into a relationship and found out that you had been betrayed, like his wife? Put yourself in his wife’s shoes. What about his children? Don’t they deserve their daddy’s devotion and love? And if by slim chance he left his family for you, do you want to help raise four children? Remember how you said you felt about babysitting? Doesn’t his wife, who has put in so much of herself into the marriage, deserve respect and fidelity? Be honest”.

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Do you . . . . .

1. Think that love has passed you by because you are over 40 and are a few pounds over weight?

2. Think about having an affair sometimes because your husband is no longer interested in sex, and your libido is going crazy?

3. Think that your live-in boyfriend is lazy and you are tired of him expecting you to cover all the monthly expenses?

4. Think that you made a mistake and that your two-year marriage is a farce?

5. Think that your husband is having an affair with his ex-girlfriend?

6. Think that you want to have children and your husband says he wants to save money, but secretly he doesn’t want to have kids at all?

7. Think that your husband is too attached to his Mother?

8. Think that you may be gay, but don’t want to tell anyone, including your boyfriend?

9. Think that you would like to share your life with a man, but not interested in remarriage?

10. Think that your boyfriend drinks too much?

11. Think that your husband thinks too much about his old girlfriends and not enough about you?

12. Think that your boyfriend might know that you got drunk and slept with his brother?

13. Think that you will never be able to be in a love relationship after your nasty divorce?

14. Think that your husband is way too involved with sports?

15. Think that is you got your teeth fixed and bleached your hair blond that your husband would have a resurgence of interest in you?

16. Think that your financial situation is creating a lot of stress in your marriage?

17. Think that your step children would be better off living with their mother but don’t tell your husband for fear he would be upset with you?

18. Think that you would like to go back to school to complete your education that was interrupted because of the birth of your children?

19. Think that you are losing your mind because of menopause, and are worried about the impact on your family?

20. Think that your husband’s illness is not improving and want to be supportive of him but you may not be up to the challenge?

21. Think that you will never get over the day your husband walked out on you and your children?

22. Think that you will lose your mind if you don’t get a break from your crazy in-laws?

23. Think that your boyfriend treats his dog better than you?

24. Think that living with HIV is beyond difficult for your husband?

25. Think that your family problems are negatively impacting on your marriage and want to fix the problem but don’t know how.

26. Think that your family and friends will dis-own you when they find out your are dating someone outside of your race.

27. Think that you will never make any new girlfriends in your new neighborhood, and your husband doesn’t understand your loneliness.

28. Think that you would like to bring more fun into your love relationship but after a hard days work, children and other responsibilities you are not sure how to accomplish your goal.

29. Think that because you are over 70 and are widowed that you will never go out on a date again?

If you or someone you know are thinking about the above things, and other related concerns, this may very well be the website for you. And my programs, books, and/or seminars, may be just what the "Love Doctor" ordered.

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It is estimated that a staggering 1 in 3 marriages in the United States will end up in divorce. Why is the divorce rate so high? Is there anything you can do about it? In this fast paced, educational and informational workshop you will be given tolls to assist you and your husband in not being counted as the one who gets divorced!

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I know a woman that wanted to buy a single bed but decided not to buy it because she thought it would somehow jinx her possibilities of meeting and marrying Mr. Right. Perhaps you know someone that has put her life on hold in so many ways waiting and hoping for “him “to come into her life and transform it. In this workshop learn how to enjoy your life, whether you are waiting for him to sweep you off your feet or not!

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I once went to a party and met a woman that I thought was very nice, until I heard her saying she wanted to run over her Ex husband with a tractor trailer. At the time I thought that was a horrible thing to think let along say it out loud. However, when I went through divorce years ago I understood her anger and need to devise a state of revenge. It is actually very healthy and healing. In this workshop you will learn about the benefits of revenge.

Domestic Violence defining and developing strategies to create a Better Life for Yourself

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How to Have an Affair with Your Husband or Boyfriend

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Getting Through Divorce Intact

I have heard it said that it is harder to lose your man through divorce than through death. In death you still have fond memories in divorce you may only wish he was dead figuratively!

How to Be Happy if You Are Single During the Holidays

Other than saving all the money you would have saved in gift buying for your would be lover and perhaps his family, this workshop will assist you in exploring ways to increase your pleasure in being single around the holidays!

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If you are engaged or already married to a man that has children that you will/have inherited by virtue of marriage, this may be the workshop for you.  I will help you explore ways to improve the quality of the relationship you cultivate with your step kids!

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